Bobcoin price:   $0.4771

Fully Diluted Market Cap:  $477,128,003

24h Vol:   $88,507

Blockchains:  2

Max Supply:  1,000,000,000

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Bobcoin Exchanges.

Places to buy and sell in exchange for other currencies.

Note | CEX and DEX.

Crypto exchanges vary in how they control your funds. Keep an eye on safety, security, privacy and fund control. Be diligent and choose a safe wallet to keep your Bobcoin in when you select an exchange.

A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) uses a non-custodial framework. On a DEX every Bobcoin holder has full control over their private keys when making a transaction, this mechanism gives DEX users a sense of ownership over their Bobcoin as they are in full control.

A Centralized Exchange (CEX) is a trading crypto platform that works as a meeting place for Bobcoin holders to exchange their Bobcoin. CEX is built by a centralized organization put in place as a 3rd person to hold and store Bobcoin. A CEX regulates its exchange and charges high exchange fees. In a Centralized Exchange (CEX), an exchange process happens by an order book. It sets up the price for Bobcoin based on buy and sells orders.

Bobmobile | DEX

The fastest way to buy Bobcoin. Buy Bobcoin within seconds. Bobcoin allows deposits and withdrawals of EURO, USD, GBP and HKD.

Buy at Bobmobile

Sto-cap (Evorich members)

Trusted and used by over hundred thousand pre-ICO participants offering locked Bobcoin against low prices.

Login at Sto-cap


Ranked CoinMarketCap: Top 15
MEXC has reached a trading volume of $2 billion since its launch in April 2018. It allows deposits and withdrawals of EURO, USD, GBP, VND, and AUD.

Buy at MEXC

Lbank | CEX

Ranked CoinMarketCap: Top 30
LBank has a trading volume of $1.5US and over 4.5 million users.

Buy at Lbank | CEX

Ranked CoinMarketCap: Top 30 has more than 30 million users in its ecosystem, of whom 3 million are registered. Over 300,000 of them use the service every month.

Buy at

WhiteBIT | CEX

Ranked CoinMarketCap: Top 30
Whitebit is a centralized European exchange launched in December of 2018. They charge 0.1% trading fees on crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto transactions.

Buy at WhiteBIT

Bitmart | CEX

Ranked CoinGecko: Top 10
Bitmart provides over 9 million users with professional, secure, and fast crypto trading services.

Buy at Bitmart


Ranked CoinMarketCap: Top 30
AAX is the first crypto exchange company to use LSEG Technology's match engine. Their service allows you to trade crypto lightning fast.

Buy at AAX

DigiFinex | CEX

Ranked CoinMarketCap: Top 30
Digifinex is among the top ten traders on Earth regarding liquidity and volume. They have over four million users worldwide.

Buy at DigiFinex

Bibox | CEX

Ranked CoinGecko: Top 40
Bibox, launched in 2017, is an asset exchange powered by AI. They are Swiss VQF licensed.

Buy at Bibox

Decoin | CEX

Ranked CoinGecko: Top 50
Founded in 2017, Decoin is an exchange designed at its core by the crypto community for the crypto community.

Buy at Decoin

Knaken | CEX

Knaken is a highly respected and innovative platform certified by the Dutch Central Bank. Knaken is a platform where anyone can go who is looking for a safe place to trade Bobcoin without having any technical knowledge.

Buy at Knaken

UniSwap | DEX

Ranked CoinMarketCap: Top 3
Uniswap is the best-known decentralized exchange in the world. They use the Ethereum blockchain to exchange crypto.

Swap at UniSwap

PancakeSwap | DEX

Ranked CoinMarketCap: Top 5
PancakeSwap is a decentralized to exchange BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Users trade against a liquidity pool using their automated market maker model (AMM), depositing their tokens in a pool in exchange for a liquidity provider (LP) token.

SushiSwap | DEX

Ranked CoinMarketCap: Top 5
SushiSwap takes power back from VCs and returns it to the community using a Uniswap fork.

Swap at SushiSwap


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