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The future is now!

A ground-up reinvention.

BoB and Suzuki reinvented the 1984 Suzuki AX100 and transformed this classic into a 2021 Smart electric model. The main advantage of this classic model is that it is timeless and they're easy to find parts for in all emerging markets. The E-BoB is low cost to operate and virtually Indestructible. The E-BoB is lowering both fine particles and CO2 emissions, as well as noise pollution.

What we’re doing about it

Africa's smartest electric motorcycle.

Our business model and technology are designed to fit seamlessly with the way riders already operate. Riders access smart batteries on demand from the network of BoB swap stations. With our solution riders enjoy the savings of e-mobility without the upfront cost, and risk of buying a lithium battery pack or increasing downtime while waiting for batteries to recharge.

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Sound money without limits

United Nations approved lithium battery.

The battery of the E-BoB is easily swappable, whilst being locked and secured so it cannot be stolen. It gives the BoB Eco motorcycles a range of around 90 kilometres at a maximum speed of 90 KM/h. Our UN-approval presents a combination of significant environmental, mechanical, and electrical stresses designed to assess our batteries' ability to withstand the anticipated rigors incurred during transport.

What we’re doing about it
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